Vacuum Insulated Piping & Services

CryoWorks® provides a variety of products and solutions for the storage, distribution, and transfer of cryogenic fluids. As a leading cryogenic specialist, customers rely on us for engineered cryogenic piping, transfer hoses, valves, tanks, safety equipment, and complex turn-key systems! We are proud to have engineered, designed, installed, and maintained cryogenic transfer systems for a wide variety of organizations, from startups to Fortune 500 companies across various cryogenic fluids (LH2, LN2, LNG, LOX, LAr, LHe, LCO2, and LNE).

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Matt Miller - Director, Commercial Sales

951-233-0787 (mobile)

Nick Voss - Director, Large Bore Sales

951-903-3090 (mobile)

Taylor Wharton®

Mobile Fueling / Tanks 

Taylor-Wharton® produces a comprehensive range of cryogenic equipment for storage, transportation and regasification purpose cater to all aspects of the cold chain supply for Industrial Gas, LNG, & Hydrogen applications. TW is one of the largest producers of tanks and was the first mover on mobile fueling solutions, delivering the first liquid to gas H70 Mobile Fueler. From production to fuel distribution equipment, Taylor-Wharton enables the Hydrogen Economy. 

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Aaron Villarreal - Director, Sales & Global Hydrogen

832-729-4828 (mobile) | 

MJ Wood 

Mechanical Contractor

Milton J. Wood Company is a full-service General and Mechanical Contractor, performing a full range of construction services, starting from project planning consulting and design, through procurement, installation and commissioning, to final clean-up and the subsequent inspection, testing and preventative maintenance services. Since its inception in 1969, MJW has successfully performed and continues to provide work for a wide variety of clients in the Pulp & Paper, Mining & Ore Processing, Chemical Manufacturing, Aerospace & Transportation, Governmental & Defense, Space Exploration, Power Generation, Alternative Energy, Oil Refining & Distribution, Food & Beverage, and other industrial sectors of the US economy. Anchored by a proven safety culture, MJW delivers high quality services on schedule and on budget, with minimum possible impact to client’s operations.

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Gas Equipment Company


At Gas Equipment Company, we focus on being a market-sensitive supplier that always has the right products and services readily available where our customers need them. And we manage our business carefully and profitably to achieve this goal.


We commit ourselves to providing same-day service and next-day delivery. As part of our service strategy, we design our product availability around specific solutions supported with an extensive investment in inventory.


The Industrial Gas division provides value added solutions to the CO2, Cryogenic and Welding industries. Through strategically positioned product lines, GEC is able to cover a wide spectrum of applications, from air separation plants to CO2 recirculation packages. Combining this with customized service and support programs has made GEC a respected global partner.

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832-GEC-CRYO (832-432-2796)

Scientific Instruments


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Crane CPC

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